Single Point Mooring (SPM)

Single Point Mooring (SPM)

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SPM (Single Point Mooring)
Nylon double bladed rope suitable for marine use.
Products made of polyamide have very good shock absorption compared to other fiber ropes.
It is suitable for use as aquatic products including Single Point Mooring.
Classification certification according to OCIMF 2000 guidelines.
-Composition: Polyamide (Nylon 66)
-Structure: Double Braided (NY Double B / D) Parallel (NY PL12)
-Specific gravity: 1.14
-Melting point: 260 ℃
-2 to 5% moisture content
-UV safety: good
-Float quantity: 0.5 × rope length (meters)
-Floating length: 1.1m
-Float Width: Depends on the rope size and type

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