Buckleys BathyCorrometer

Buckleys BathyCorrometer

Buckleys BathyCorrometer

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Buckleys BathyCorrometer® Pro’ – complete kit
The BathyCorrometer® Pro’ is the latest generation of the tried-and-tested, industry-standard BathyCorrometer® which has provided reliable service for subsea corrosion surveys since 1971.

Renowned for its rugged, dependable construction; the BathyCorrometer® has built a reputation for reliability and its ability to handle harsh environments whilst taking accurate measurements. The latest version of the industry-standard BathyCorrometer® brings a host of developments, designed to make measurement of simpler than ever and enhance the BathyCorrometer’s reliability even further.

Complete kit comprises:

Buckleys BathyCorrometer® Pro’
CalChecker Pro’ with calibration lead
3 x K-Series Reference Electrodes
Battery charger
6 x hardened stainless steel probe tips
Probe tip spanner
Silicone grease
Zinc test block
Flexible lanyard with carabiner connection
Seawater test mixture
All contained in fitted carrying case with instruction manual

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